Is love “instinct” or “rational”?

30 Jan

Answer by Holly Jahangiri:

It is both, and it's best when instinct and passion are tempered by rational thought. It sounds as though you have complementary interests; you want to be a successful entrepreneur, he wants to save the world. You will likely be the breadwinner, should anything come of this… 🙂 But seriously, the main thing is to appreciate and respect and support those different dreams and aspirations, so that you enable each other to succeed, rather than either of you "sacrificing" important parts of who you are in the name of love. Real love doesn't demand that.

Real love isn't self-centered, but neither is it self-negating. It wants what's best for the other person, but recognizes that both people need to live fulfilled lives – we are only certain of the one we're living right here and now. If you both feel that way, it could work out beautifully.

Is love "instinct" or "rational"?

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