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Picking Nits

quora-content-reviewIf you’re going to edit my work, please do it well. This morning, on Quora, I asked: “Why, when I share an answer I’ve written here, to my own blog, does Quora post with attribution to “A Quora admin”? I don’t believe I’ve been made an admin, here.”

That was before coffee. As I sat there, pondering, sipping my coffee, I thought of many ways I could have written that question.

I noticed that the hard-working Quora Content Review helpfully provided their idea of the perfect rewrite, editing mine to state: “Why when I share an answer I’ve written here to my own blog does Quora post with an attribution to “A Quora admin”?”

I bristled over their editing out perfectly good commas, but leaving the one a talented editor should have omitted – which is the one between “admin” and “here.” They really need to brush up on their independent vs. dependent clauses.

Apparently, several other people want answers to the same question, so I’m glad I asked. The excessive commas may be blamed on the fact that I was trying to rephrase a grammatically correct, but (arguably) overly combative, and much more straightforward, question: Why is “A Quora admin” trying to steal credit for my answers?”

I like a good grammar/copyright flamewar as much as any writer who has ever stood up for the lowly, under-rated passive voice, but I really did think it was just a technical glitch and wanted to know if there was a fix for it.

[UPDATE: I am happy to report that the fearless programmers – the deadly, silent, behind-the-scenes bug-killers of Quora – appear to have fixed the attribution error! Thank you, whoever you are.]

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